Audi TT RS Iconic Edition 2022 first drive

Even in 2022, the power is still amazing. There are few cars more capable of racking up miles across the country with ease no matter what the weather throws at you. With the simplicity of its seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, it’s a go-to for steering and splashing through any road. Plus, no one will ever tire of that five-cylinder tune—loud enough to be interesting, and quiet enough to be civil.

The various drive modes remain from the regular RS, so you can tweak things like steering weight and gearbox, but, as always, it’s still the Single mode that you choose with everything bar suspension dialed in. This isn’t a particularly comfortable car, and in sport, it’s quite bouncy.

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If only it breathed a little more with the road, like its rival Porsche 718 Cayman GTS. Then it will feel a little more delicate in your hands and a bit more precise, rather than the sledgehammer/nut you currently do with, admittedly, the typical confidence-inspiring Quattro. It’s fast and engaging, but a little one-dimensional.

So we come back to one last figure: £26,775. That’s the price difference between the regular TT RS and this one. What’s the price of exclusivity, eh?

Honestly, it’s an absurd amount of money for a TT, even a rarity like this, and if I bought one, I’d feel like I had a leg up. But then this is the last in the line, a moribund breed of car with a brilliantly beautiful engine. What price for posterity, eh?

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