Apology issued over Arndale parking chaos which saw POLICE called

An apology has been issued to the “hundreds” of motorists who were trapped for hours in an Arndale car park on Saturday.

Visitors to Manchester said it took more than three hours to leave Level 12 of the Arndale car park late on Saturday (19 November) afternoon. They blamed the poor traffic light sequence on the traffic lights and the flow of traffic [out of the car park]’, since exits are governed by a priority line — so, in effect, ask other motorists to let them exit during busy times.

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The drivers said the afternoon “went into chaos”, with one even calling the police to alert them to the situation. Snapshots sent to men Car horns sounded in protest of the queue.

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Now, Pat Carney, the council’s city center spokesperson, has apologized for the issue. He tweeted: “Downtown is very busy right now, but we will see how we can make this situation better. I apologize to everyone.”

On a chaotic day, Manchester would welcome hordes of shoppers to its Christmas markets, while the Rugby World Cup finals were held at Old Trafford. One driver, who had come from Worsley to take his daughter to a birthday party, said: “I will never use this car park again.

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“This sucks. They have a duty of care. It’s a simple thing. They know there’s a problem, and MEN reported it a year ago. They could do something about it.” The ad you’re creating for people out of town is awful. It is indeed a great advertisement for the Trafford Centre. No one should have to pay for this privilege, should monitor it and if there is a problem – what measures are needed to help? “

Following the reports, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) said it was “adjusting” the timing of traffic lights to aid flow when the city center was busy, but also pleaded with visitors to make their way into the city using public transport.

In response to the concerns, TfGM said it was “monitoring traffic” over the weekend, and made “adjustments to help with traffic flows where we can”. The organisation’s head of highways, Peter Bolton, also advised visitors to plan ahead.

In a statement, he said: “Manchester is a top destination and with a number of events and Christmas markets adding to the usual retail and entertainment offerings, recent weekends have seen an increase in numbers of people traveling to the city center by both car and public transport.

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“We encourage anyone coming to Manchester to think about how they will get in, around and out of the city and to plan their trip in advance, avoiding the busiest times and routes where possible.”

A spokesperson for Manchester City Council which owns and operates the car park said: “The council sympathizes with drivers who were stuck in a jam while trying to leave the car park, however, the circumstances causing the delay were beyond the council’s control, so tickets purchased will remain valid.

“If a driver has been issued a PIN as a result of congestion while exiting the car park, they will be able to appeal the notice in line with council policy.”

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