American missile hit Ukraine apartment block and injured civilians

A US-made missile fired by Ukrainian forces struck an apartment building and injured three civilians in the eastern part of the country, after apparently deviating from its trajectory.

In what appears to be the first reported case of Ukrainians being hit by US-supplied weapons during the conflict, an AGM-88B high-speed anti-radiation missile, launched from a fighter jet, hit an apartment building in Kramatorsk, a part of Donbass. region.

Missile fragments were found in the wreckage of the September 26 strike by New York Times journalists and verified to be American-made.

Ukraine’s dependence on foreign arms has, at times, caused difficulties. Soviet-era MiG fighters had to be adapted to launch the AGM-88, as they were not originally designed to launch the missile.

As such, it appears that the missile either strayed or malfunctioned when the Ukrainian pilots targeted the Russian radar and air defense systems outside the city.

They said three people were injured. not dead. It hit the apartment where no one lived, and in the next apartment people were injured, ”Olga Vasilievna, a resident of the area near where the rocket fell, told The New York Times.

The new findings came just over a week after a rogue missile flew across the border into Poland, killing two people.

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