Aldi and Lidl recall lollies and cheese with ‘do not eat’ warning

Aldi and Lidl have issued food recalls amid safety concerns. Aldi told people who bought Gianni’s Milk Chocolate Lollies in some Midlands stores that incorrect packaging meant some contained almonds which could be dangerous for anyone with a nut allergy.

Meanwhile, Lidl has issued a safety warning about simply shredded cheddar cheese. It says that the product may contain small pieces of plastic.

Anyone who purchased any of the affected products can return it for a full refund. Product recall notices have been issued for both foods.

According to the Food Standards Agency, Lidl is recalling shredded cheddar cheese because it “may contain small pieces of plastic that make it unsafe to eat.” It advises customers who have purchased the affected product not to ingest it. Alternatively, return it to the store where it was purchased for a full refund.

Lidl said in the point-of-sale notice: “Lidl GB is recalling Simply Shredded Cheddar, 500g with Best BeforeDate 12/23/2022 due to the possibility of plastic parts in the product, making this product unsafe to eat.

Lidl recalls some simply grating cheddar

If you have purchased the above product, we advise you not to take it. Instead, return it to a Lidl GB store for a full refund, with or without a receipt. Other products and best-by-before dates are simply not affected by this return. .

“Lidl GB would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused. Any customer with queries or concerns can contact Customer Service on 0800 4441234 or [email protected]

Aldi recalls the lollipops that were on sale in some Midlands stores as posing a “potential health risk to anyone allergic to nuts”. The infected ice cream is a four-pack with a best date before September 2024.

Aldi remembers some milk chocolate candy from Gianni
Aldi remembers some milk chocolate candy from Gianni

They have lot code 815702. In their product recall notice it says: “As a precaution, our supplier is recalling an isolated batch of Gianni’s milk chocolate lollipops as packages may contain Gianni’s Almond Lollies.

“Only a small number of our Midlands stores were affected. We regret that this product does not meet our normally high standards and we thank you for your cooperation.

For more information please visit, email or call Customer Service or call them on 0800 042 0800.

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