Agile Occupational Medicine and Pinnacle HealthCare Merge to Form Fourth-Largest Occupational Medical Group in California

COSTA MESA, California–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Agile announced today that it has completed its merger with Pinnacle HealthCare. The combined practices offer 14 clinics in California and Yuma, Arizona, creating the fourth-largest occupational health group in California.

“Agile and Pinnacle share a common vision to deliver the highest quality care and support to injured employees and employers. By coming together under one company, we can collaborate in that effort and provide better services to a wider audience across California and southwestern Arizona. Our teams have a history of collaborating on strategic initiatives and through those processes have developed a shared vision for improving medical care in the occupational injury marketplace to better support occupational health services,” said Greg Moore, founder and CEO of Agile. “I couldn’t be happier about our merger and the opportunities it creates in California. Our combined team is well positioned for future growth,” added Moore.

“Participating in Agile is a major win for Pinnacle. We have built a high-quality clinic group over the past 20 years, and Agile brings the financing and business platforms that will enable us to expand significantly in the future,” said Ernesto Alvero, PA, former CEO of Pinnacle, who will serve as Senior Vice President of Clinic Operations for Agile. “We see this as two great companies coming together to create more value than the sum of its parts. It is a real win for both organizations and our customers,” continues Alvero.

Agile focuses on forming partnerships with local businesses to ensure the medical needs of local workers are met. Agile offers a wide variety of occupational health programs that help employers maintain a healthy and safe workforce while providing cost-effective health care to businesses and employees, from DOT physical exams and drug screenings to workplace injury treatment.

Agile currently has fourteen clinics strategically located to meet the goal of serving a majority of employers across California.

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About Agile Occupational Medicine:

The Agile approach focuses on speed: eliminating unnecessary time in the clinic, accelerating access to specialists and encouraging faster recovery. Every aspect of patient care, employer support and integration with claims teams can be improved by focusing on speed of execution and communication. We engage patients with aggressive planning and follow-up, empower claims teams with better information and insights, and engage employers with information and education that reduce lost time and keep their employees on track for a return to work. Our flexible workflows for employers and payers reduce communication gaps and simplify referral and authorization processes.

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