After four weeks of repair, Dark Souls 3’s PC servers are down again

After four weeks of repair, Dark Souls 3's PC servers are down again

Dark Souls 3’s PC servers are back offline despite being restored by FromSoftware just four weeks ago.

The Dark Souls Twitter account announced the news (below), saying that Steam servers were down again. No explanation was given as to what the issue might be or how long the issue would last, but the developer said it was actively investigating and trying to fix the issue.

“At this time, there is a confirmed issue playing Dark Souls 3 online via Steam,” FromSoftware said. “We are investigating the source of the problem and will let you know as soon as more details become available.”

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Fans were also thanked for their patience, but given the recurring online issues the Dark Souls series has faced, it’s perhaps not surprising that the responses and tweets to FromSoftware’s announcement have been riddled with complaints.

Before reconnecting four weeks ago, Dark Souls 3’s servers had been down for eight months. Servers were first removed after a vulnerability was discovered that allowed other gamers to take over a user’s computer, and FromSoftware has released incremental updates since then as it has brought its gaming features back online.

There is no indication that the current server issue is related to this exploit, but both Dark Souls and the original Dark Souls 2 are still not connected as a result of the same issue.

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The vulnerability was discovered just a month before FromSoftware Elden Ring was released, causing fans looking forward to the game to worry that it would affect its multiplayer components. But fortunately, Elden Ring was able to launch without major problems and achieved incredible success.

It had to deal with some hacking issues though, after an infamous Dark Souls hacker appeared on the Elden Ring and imposed illegal items on players’ inventories, causing them to be banned. Even stranger, the game’s secret underwear was also used by trolls to block other players.

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