Adsense earnings share

chof360 is pleased to announce that the Google Adsense profit sharing system has started working on the site with 85% of the topic owner and 15% for the management, which is an unprecedented percentage before in profit-sharing sites, so that members can profit from writing articles on the site, the percentage of management in exchange for expenses Server and site configuration for search engines.

Conditions for starting profit sharing with chof360

For the subscriber to have a normal, not hosted, Adsense account, in which your profits are calculated in full by 85% for the owner of the topic and 15% for the administration, which is also an unprecedented percentage before, just write to the administration and you will be tested by writing 3 exclusive topics to be allocated a channel for you. Management The writer should have sufficient experience in research articles and take into account the SEO criteria.
That the topics shared with us are exclusive and not transferred from another site, as copying may expose you to ban, and also compatible with the terms of Google Adsense, and the terms of writing on the site. You can learn about them now “writing conditions”
Do not click on advertisements on the site under any circumstances.
Views and profits are calculated in your account as soon as you allow the domain to display your ads, through your Adsense account and go to the sites allowed to display your ads and add the domain, and also put your AdSense account ID in the specified place from here.
The profits are sent to the channels at the end of the following month, as is the case in the Google AdSense work system.

One of the features of the chof360 site

The site is well prepared for research and works on the WordPress platform, which is the best so far.
The site was able to rank 72 thousand worldwide and 970 on the UK on Alexa during the first month of the site’s launch
The site has an active page on Facebook “chof360”, featured topics will be published on it.
The site tops Google search engines as soon as the article is published
To subscribe and join, send an email to the following: [email protected]