Activision Blizzard ‘Won’t Hesitate To Fight’ To Defend Xbox Deal

Wednesday, November 23, was another big day in the ongoing back-and-forth over the Xbox deal with Activision Blizzard. Recent statements from both Microsoft and Sony in response to the UK’s CMA investigation into the deal have finally been made public, while a report has also broken out that the FTC may be looking to sue over the acquisition. Well, Activision has now responded to these events.

Activision Blizzard’s chief communications officer, Lulu Cheng Meservey, shared the company’s combative stance toward any regulators potentially trying to block the acquisition. Meservey says ActiBlizz will “fight to defend” its deal with Microsoft.

Activision’s CCO also claims that any arguments framing the acquisition as anti-competitive are “ridiculous”, also stating that the company believes the deal will “benefit gamers” and the US gaming industry in general.

“Any suggestion that the deal could have anticompetitive effects is absurd. This merger will benefit gamers and the US gaming industry — especially as we face stiffer competition from abroad. We are committed to continuing to work collaboratively with regulators around the world to allow for things to move forward, but not Feel free to fight to defend the deal if necessary.”

A very similar statement was provided to Kotaku today, made by an “Activision spokesperson.”

No matter how this whole ordeal swings next, it doesn’t look like any interested party will back down anytime soon. Get the popcorn folks, we’ve been in this one for the long haul!

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