9 Exciting New Features Coming to WhatsApp Mobile App and Web reports that WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, has some updates coming soon that users are sure to love. Here’s what you need to know about it, along with links to download the WhatsApp mobile app and web version for Android, iOS and Windows Phone! We expect to roll out these features to all platforms in the next few months, so get ready now! Some of these features are what users have been asking for for a long time and they finally added some. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the new features

Letters disappear

One of the new features is called Disappearing Messages. Unlike other apps like leon betting app download from Google play store, this feature will make it self-destruct your messages after a certain period of time. This is a security feature that can help you avoid potential embarrassment in case someone takes screenshots of your chat.

There is also a new type of status update called Moments. You can use this type of post to share photos with your friends on Facebook-style timelines. Finally, there are now desktop web apps for both Windows and Mac computers that make it easier than ever to stay in touch with family and friends while at home or at work! The desktop version is safer than using a mobile browser as well as faster because everything loads faster. You can even create polls for discussions and watch YouTube videos without leaving the app!

Custom chat backgrounds

New chat wallpapers will be available for download soon. In the meantime, you can upload a photo from your phone gallery. This is a great way to add personality and creativity to your chats. You can also choose from a range of stickers that show emotions or represent things like the weather. Moreover, if someone sends you an emoji as part of their WhatsApp message, it will automatically appear as an emoji in the text input field next time so you don’t have to copy it.

Enhanced search

One of the first things we get excited about is how easy it is to find people you want to talk to. When you type a name in the search bar, WhatsApp will bring back recent conversations with that person. You’ll also see their profile picture and name, so you can click the chat header icon to send them a new message. It’s one-stop shopping for those of us with a lot of contacts!

We think this change will be especially useful for those times when you’ve been chatting back and forth with someone but can’t remember who they are or what they look like (or both). This way, when you find them in your contact list, you’ll know exactly where they come from. Improved search is coming soon to WhatsApp mobile and web.

The maximum number of characters allowed for status updates

You may soon be able to type up to 3,000 characters in a WhatsApp status update, which is more than double what you are currently limited to. This feature will be available on both the mobile app and the web, so you’ll be able to share all of these feelings with your friends no matter where they are. You can also send an audio or video directly from within the chat.

In addition, messages that have been delivered but not yet read will now have a blue dot next to them instead of a green dot. This is just one of many updates coming soon that will make it easier for users like you and me to connect with each other in new ways. We want to give you the best possible experience on our platform and these changes will help us get closer to achieving this goal.

Animated stickers

This is a fun and expressive new feature that lets you bring your messages to life. For example, let’s say you want to send a sticker that expresses excitement or surprise – in addition to the variety of animated stickers that we have today, there will soon be many more similar options being added daily by our community of users. And if someone shares one with you that you really like, all it takes is a simple tap and keep it in your conversation thread before sharing it elsewhere with friends!

You can just as easily use them in group chats as well. We hope these animated stickers will bring more fun and personality to everything from conversations with family and friends through work conversations with colleagues.

The ability to chat with yourself

You can now chat with yourself on WhatsApp mobile or web. All you have to do is write a message, click the arrow next to your name, choose “Add Myself,” and then enter the other number. You’ll get a notification when your Chat partner replies. This way you can stay in touch with friends who don’t live near you, coordinate a group dinner, or watch a movie together while chatting in real time. Plus, it’s an easy way to share more than just text! Click Send Media below the chat box and choose photos, videos, or voice notes from your Camera Roll.

Profile pictures in group chats

Group chats are one of the most popular features on WhatsApp. But what if you want more control over who can see your photos? With this new update, you can choose to only share your profile picture with a select group of people. That way, if you’re not comfortable sharing your latest selfie with everyone in a chat, you can use it as a way to say hello or send a quick message without revealing too much.

You’ll need to be using the latest version of the app for these changes to appear — if you’re not, go to the Play Store now and update the app. When you do, go ahead and click on the three lines in the upper-left corner of the chat window. Once there, tap on the profile picture. From there, tap Add profile picture followed by Show only my profile picture followed by Add a list of contacts whose phone numbers or usernames you want to see your photos (in alphabetical order). If they are blocked from seeing anything else, they can’t see your photos either!

Ability to forward media with caption

Starting today, you will be able to forward media files with caption on WhatsApp. This is one of the most requested features of the app, and we are happy to announce that it is now available. To send a forwarded media file, simply click on the camera icon in the upper right corner of any chat window and then click on Photo/Video. From there, you can choose a photo or video from your camera roll, or take a new one using your device’s camera.

Once you’ve selected the desired media file, tap Share on the top-left corner of your screen. From here, select who you want to share this media with by choosing their name from your contact list. Next, type a comment for this media before clicking the green button in the lower-right corner of the screen labeled “Submit.” You’ll notice that at the bottom of the chat window, below the text box where you typed your message, there are now two buttons: an arrow pointing up and an arrow pointing down.

These buttons let you know if other users took screenshots while they were viewing that media file and which direction they took them (arrows indicate where screenshots were taken). If someone takes a screenshot, their username will appear next to these buttons as well.

New blur tool for photos

We are excited to announce that a new obfuscator is coming soon. This powerful feature allows you to quickly edit your photos using a simple slider-based interface. Here’s how it works:

1. Select the blur tool from the toolbar at the top of the screen or in the lower right corner of any photo you’re viewing in your Camera Roll. 2. Drag either side of the slider to adjust the amount of blur applied. 3. Click “Done” when you’re satisfied with your results, or click “Cancel” if you want to start over. We can’t wait for this new feature to be released in a future update!


We are excited to announce that this new update is coming soon. New features will help you save time, improve your productivity, and connect more easily with the people who matter most.

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