5 Creative Activities To Do Instead of Scrolling on Your Phone!

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Going back to school means that screen time becomes a necessary aspect of our lives. Whether it’s sending emails, writing articles, or doing research, we spend almost our entire days on the Internet. When we finally take off our shoes and our back hits the couch at the end of the day, all we want to do is relax and scroll our phones! But have you ever started to feel blurry in your eyes due to too much screen time? After all, we weren’t made to spend our lives sitting in one place looking at a screen. As a wise man once said, “Life moves so fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you may miss it.” Well, admittedly the wise guy is Ferris Bueller, but he had a great adventure that day thanks to that tip. Was he on his phone all day? number! Yes, he was briefly in front of a computer screen – to hack his high school system and change his grades. But then, all screens turned off!

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If you want to detox from screens but aren’t sure how to get started, or if the usual suggestions bore you (like when your mom tells you to “just go outside”), this list is for you! Here are some creative activities to keep you entertained without sacrificing your thumb joint from endless scrolling.

1. Learn how to crochet

Before you groan that you’ve seen this suggestion before, let me challenge you: Learn how to crochet your favorite animal. We’ve seen crochet come back into fashion for quite some time now. From crochet hats and jackets to stylish shorts and shirts, it’s a cute way to add detail to any outfit! Knitting is a trendy hobby right now, and we love how customizable it is! Making your own crochet pieces means you can have them tailored to you and add your own personal touch. Knitting makes us more connected to ourselves because we use our hands to create a thoughtful piece, and the project we left is a physical reminder of our ability to turn our ideas into reality. So, aside from making your favorite pieces of clothing, why not make some stuffed animals, too? There are tons of tutorials available on YouTube, TikTok, or even websites like Skillshare, that show how to crochet specific animals and reveal the infinite number of project possibilities you can create. When you’re done, you’ll have a little friend to show for your pain!

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2. Get dressed and take a selfie

Maybe it means dressing up for you means a shiny, casual look, or maybe it means dressing up as your favorite book or movie character, or even just playing around with different aesthetics you don’t normally see wearing. Whatever your outfit, just make sure you feel confident! You can get creative with this photo session, even going as far as traveling to a local park or lake, etc., to find the perfect destination that matches your look. Next, head to your local pharmacy and print the photos! You’ll be left with some photos to post on social media later, or to keep to yourself as a keepsake to remember the day.

3. Storyboard a music video of your favorite song

A storyboard is when artists make a kind of visual map of their idea of ​​how the story will develop. Think of a song. When you listen to it, you can clearly see a little movie in your mind. Then translate those scenes in your head into pictures. You can do this either by drawing or taking pictures of things that help communicate the mood you are trying to set. It’s fun to play the director, and there’s no pressure because it’s just for your own enjoyment! This is a creative way to connect with the songs you love by taking the time to analyze your thoughts and feelings about them. Then, you will have a physical keepsake that shows your love for the song. You can hang it as wall art too!

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4. Write a letter to someone you haven’t seen in a while… as if you were from another era!

We think sending messages is underrated! Think about how you feel when you receive a letter in the mail. It feels like a special little relationship between you and the sender. To pass this feeling on, think of someone you haven’t been in contact with in a while. Perhaps it was a relative, a new reporter friend, or even a friend who moved schools. Then write them a letter but with a fun twist that makes them laugh and challenges you to be creative: write as if you were from another era. Maybe you’re a nineteenth-century gentleman (“My esteemed friend, I’m glad you’re so kind to my next party.”), or a sixteenth-century girl (“Good morning, you’ve been fine. On my heart, I hope to see you soon.”) . Maybe pick an era that could be an inside joke between you two. For example, if you and your addressee both love Bridgeton, write as if you were both a Regency-era rumor like Lady Wesleydon! This will prompt the recipient to think of a creative way to respond, and you’ll start a series of messages in humorously fancy language.

5. Write a magazine in another language.

What if I don’t know a second language? Choose a language you’re interested in – maybe it’s Korean because you want to know what your favorite pop artists are saying, or French because you’ve always wanted to study abroad one day. Whatever it is, make sure you feel a passion for learning it! After the first study session, create a journal entry that discusses exactly what you learned and how you can incorporate it into your daily life. Practice writing down the vocabulary you’ve learned and maybe draw pictures next to it to get a visual reminder of the words you’ve studied. If you are already more advanced in a second language, challenge yourself to write some type of diary entry in your target language. You’d be surprised how many words you realize you don’t actually know! This technique helps you learn new vocabulary, and forces you to practice using the target language in a realistic, hands-on environment. This is not for school, so you can be free to learn any words you want, even funny words like local slang. We recommend decorating your journal to make it more attractive to make you want to capture it again and again so you have a whole book documenting your language progress!

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