1899 is a thrilling and invigoratingly confident watch. Netflix will probably cancel it

IIf you are a fan of action-packed TV shows, 1899 its yours. The new series, a German-produced word-of-mouth series featuring 11 different languages, is easily the most complex series out there right now. It follows immigrants aboard an ocean liner who make a disturbing discovery while on the high seas: another ship that went missing days earlier. So far, very simple.

When a few of these characters decide to scout the boat, things take an interesting turn. Let’s just say, viewing with a pen and notepad handy is recommended. It’s a show designed to confuse, and for those with a penchant for the shrouded in mystery, it will entice you into the hook, line, and sinker. But there’s just one problem: the show is on Netflix.

In fairness, the streaming service was very nice darkthe previous offer issued by 1899Content creators, Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. That is, if “good” constitutes letting a show run its normal course. Series in German dark It ran for three seasons, released from 2017 to 2020, and luckily for Odar and Friese, it became an international smash.

The series began life as a straight-up family drama about a missing child and has evolved into a sprawling story that has earned it the title of “TV’s Most Intricate Show”. In short: exactly the kind of show I’m making. Those who persevered have been rewarded – there’s a strong case for it being Netflix’s greatest show yet – and if it had been canceled before reaching its conclusion, it would have been a tragedy of the streaming age. I worry that 1899 may not avoid this fate.

1899 Not immediately cool like dark – But she gets there. Similar themes exist and are true: A group of ordinary characters mired in an extraordinary situation – Hello! A mysterious contraption with the power to bend space and time – check! Underground passages lead to different dimensions – you bet! A fearsome overlord (Anton Lesser) is apparently controlling events of his own will – there he is! But it is less clear with the reason for its existence. dark Impress viewers outside of science fiction admirably by offering an easy-to-follow plot (at first) in a contemporary setting; While as the title suggests, 1899 is a period piece filled with characters whose motivations are not clearly defined, and impenetrable for at least seven of its eight episodes. This is a cause for concern. Television viewers in general like relaxed viewing and tend to stop at just a hint of defiance, but 1899 actively puts people through their paces, albeit with brisk confidence.

Talking to IndieWireO’Dar and Friese admitted they don’t have plans to reveal many answers until the third and final season – but that’s if enough people watch the series. if 1899 Not a big enough hit for a streaming device, you can bet Netflix will be swinging this ax.

Looking at Organic Agriculture, A Mental Show whose ambitious second season threw the scope wide open, only to be canceled after five months. Most recently, the vampire series Kill the first It found itself inexplicably culled even though it topped the charts in many countries. Despite grumbling to the contrary, mindhunterthe costly crime drama produced by David Fincher, looks as if it will be left hanging in limbo as well.

I definitely enjoy every bit of it 1899The reason is the fact that it is the most expensive series ever produced in Germany, with Netflix paying €48 million of its €60 million budget. In other words, it should top the Netflix top 10 charts around the world — at the time of writing, 1899 It is the last season of the crown In both the United Kingdom and the United States, it is number one in only 25 out of 93 territories.

Anton Lesser is amazing new Netflix series ‘1899’


While many may gush over the second season — just try to walk away after the captivatingly bewildering finale — 1899A ‘mystery box’ show case will piss off many (mystery box is a phrase applied to shows that ask many questions with progressively revealing answers. See: LostAnd the It has been retractedAnd the westworld – rest in peace). And this could lead to panic among the heads of Netflix.

The age of streaming can be glorious; Shows that could never have been made are being created thanks to Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+, and Prime Video. However, it is also a fickle business. with 1899Odar and Friese presented a panorama for viewers to decipher. But if the action boxes aren’t checked, viewers will be left with an unfinished puzzle. Let’s hope, then, that 1899 Sailing towards victory.

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