15 ways the middle class have ruined the British countryside

15 ways the middle class have ruined the British countryside

Nature calls…

But where are the public toilets? A few summers ago, the Snowdonia Society thought it necessary to run a publicity campaign to remind visitors that “there are no toilets in the mountains, [so] go before you go! That is by far the best for everyone.”

I’m not kidding you. They even had to provide instructions on what to do if you were miles away from a Dyson hand dryer. “Find a quiet place where people don’t come and no one can see you. Best option: take a sturdy bag or container that seals.”

It’s a dog’s life…

Last year, the National Sheep Association (NSA) said more than two-thirds of sheep farmers who responded to the UK survey reported an increase in disturbing attacks by dogs in the past 12 months. But not, of course, Mr. Barkley (yes, thank you, it IS quite a funny name, isn’t it?). He’s a poodle crossbreed (of course he is) and he wouldn’t hurt a fly. We don’t like to keep him on a leash. Or train him. It’s not laziness, we practice gentle parenting.

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Supporting the local economy…

Brunch hour is approaching. But don’t worry, Gail has done her research. Apparently there is a super fun farmers market just down the road. The family loves farmers markets. They are all about shopping locally. authenticity. Now I wonder if they will make that sweet Vietnamese iced coffee they serve from a tuk tuk with their local coffee? And how do you say ‘bao bun’ in Welsh?

Perma paddleboarding…

Oh, you’re still swimming wild? Yeah, we were pretty into that a few years ago, before it got like that, you know… mainstream. Now we’re not going anywhere without our paddle board. LITERAL.

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