10 Video Game Traditions That Are Dead And Buried

For many, being a hardcore gamer involves celebrating the history of the medium. Whether you were there or not, it is important to know where the games have been in order to understand where they are and, therefore, where they are headed.

Of course, a look back in history allows for a gentle reflection on video game traditions that were once basic and are now nothing more than nostalgic memories for those who experienced them.

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Now let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. This list does not exist to say that the games were better in any particular era.

There are pros and cons to every decade, and for all the emotional warmth parts of which may be illegitimate, we must not forget that it is important for things to always move forward. It seems that the total “slack” on purpose.

Most of the entries on this list have been lost over time due to the nature of technological advances and, for one reason or another, have become an irrelevant or outdated practice. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fond memories of demo magazine discs and GameGenie mayhem.

Whether it’s the Konami code you know, or Grand Theft Auto: Vice City health, armor, and money cheats; Button inputs that hide graces have been a part of video games for a long time. In the earlier days, this was the main way for developers to hide things in their game. Be it Easter eggs, secrets, or just a way for the player to be a big, dirty cheater.

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Level chooses, infinite lives and who could forget the same classic: big head mode?

It was an omen of what was to come when GTA IV changed cheats from chains of muscle memory button clicks to memorizing phone numbers. However, sometimes it seems that GTA is one of the only franchises still baking cheats.

Before there was online multiplayer that theoretically gave games endless lives, cheats were an ideal way for players to play around with a game they’d mastered and have completely different experiences. For others, it was a way of… well, cheating; To overcome the difficulties and watch the rest of the game before YouTube is the answer.

No, the early days of the Internet of Games were hampered by such columns as SuperCheats, CheatCC, and CheatPlanet. And then? The magazine is a free gift to the sacred text that was the cheat book. Thank God these sets of icons that have brought so much joy and endless ammo carnage.

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